Friday, August 18, 2006

Sample of past work

Check out some of our past work. Between my wife and I, aside from our videography, we had venture into photography by shooting a couple of beautifull weddings and here are some of the brides.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A little history....

I have always loved shooting photos and videos. My wife Claudia and I have been married now for 4 beautiful years. When we got married, we hired "Robert Suarez Photography" to do our photos. Well Robert Suarez is such a cool guy and he did such an awesome job shooting out wedding, that we have remained friends to this day.

A year and a half after our wedding, a friend asked Claudia and I to video her daughter's fifteens with a home camera. When we showed up to film the fifteen's, you'll never guest who was doing the photos. Yes, it was Robert... When he saw me filming the party, he asked if we do this all the time. I said "no", we were just doing it for a friend. He asked if we were interested in doing more events, like weddings.. I said sure but Claudia and I currently have full time jobs. Robert got us thinking that this was something that we can do by starting off small on the side. I also new I would have to buy a good video camera and addition equipment to get this going. So with my computer background and research skill I did my homework on producing videos. With Robert as a resource of referrals and Claudia by my side as Quality Control, we launched "Evolving Media Services".

Originally providing computer repairs, network setup, website design, wedding videography, video tranfer, and photo scanning, we quickly end up dropping all the computer stuff and sticking to what we love best. Working with robert and intergrading his photos into our videos, we recently added photos to the mix and now we provide videography and photography services. From the time that we started, we have done 109 different events. Claudia has even worked with Robert has a second camera during several weddings. Check out our track record below.

Our 2004 Track Record:
Event Count
Wedding 17
Fifteen 1
BarMitzvah 1
Birthday 4
Babyshower 3
Baptism 1
Corporate 1
Other 1
Total 29

Our 2005 Track Record:
Wedding 25
BarMitzvah 1
Birthday 1
Babyshower 2
Bridalshower 1
Baptism 2
Corporate 2
Other 9
Total 43

Our 2006 Track Record:
Wedding 28
Fifteen 4
Birthday 11
Babyshower 3
Bridalshower 1
Baptism 1
Engagement 3
Corporate 8
Other 4
Total 63 (Updated: 1/31/2007)

Right now I have my brother Alex and my brother-in-law Cris helping out with the business. Alex has gone on a couple of wedding to learn the dynamic of the business, and is jumping into video editing. Cris has help me with filming. He has gone out and bought his own video camera, and has several weddings and events under his belt. He has covered a couple of double bookings and events where I have been out of town.

So there it is.... a little history about how we got started. I look forward to posting some of our work as go along.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Our First Blog Posting

Hello World.

The blogging of our work created in venture of running "Evolving Media Services, Inc". A small company officially incorporated this year, where my wife and I provide video and photo services. Weddings, birthdays, fifteens, babyshowers, baptisms, corporate events, and much more.

We started as a DBA and for the past 2 years... Working from our home office. We have been concentrating in the wedding market. Feel free to visit our site.