Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pauline and Will's Wedding

Claudia and I had fun shooting this wedding, where we did both the photos and video.... Thanks to our friend Lennie for helping with the photos and Alex for helping with the video. Over all everything went very smooth. Thank you Danella from AndEvents for referring Pauline & Will.

*** Click here to view the slideshow ***

WOW... Information over load!!!

Claudia and I when to Las Vegas August 21th - 24th to attend the 16th annual Weva Expo, and WOW... Our first time attending and we got to meet lots of videographers from across the country. We tried to attend as many seminars as possible.... talk about information over load. We are still processing all that info until this day. We are putting our notes together so we can share it with our other shooters & editors. It was a great opportunity because we got to see what other videographers are doing and share different ideas and concept. We look forward to apply what we learned to our own video work.

After Las Vegas we jumped on a plan to San Francisco to do the tourist stuff and unwind. Check out some of the pictures of our trip.

Vegas baby!! The Expo was at the Mandalay Bay and we stayed in the Luxor

In San Francisco

We did a cool shuttle tour of the city.

A visit to Napa Vally for some wine tasting

I was trying to bring back a couple of barrels of wine.

Please check back shortly. I will posting some photo of a wedding we shot before leaving to Las Vegas.