Corporate Rates

Everybody and his uncle own a cheap video camera these days. Tag on some cheap editing software, and you’re sure to find a lower price out there. Unfortunately, high-quality video is labor intensive and requires people with the talent and training to match the quality of your brand.
At Evolving Media Services, we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Our rates are reasonable and competitive within the field. We’ve produced company video projects with budgets ranging from $500 to $20,000… and everything in between. But since video production is customized to your needs, it is almost impossible to give blanket answers to questions like, “How much does a five-minute video cost? In the end, your cost will depend upon what goes into your production.
Having said that, an industry rule of thumb estimates $1,000 to $1,500 per finished minute of video for a quality presentation. This formula generally holds true for the typical 5-7 minute corporate video, but becomes skewed if the program is longer or shorter. The cost also is wildly dependent on what exactly you want to see on the screen during those minutes. A helicopter fly-over of your facility is very impressive, but far more budget-intensive than a standing in the lawn across the street taking the shot. The best way to answer your questions about budget is to speak with me about your objectives. Consultations are free, and I’ll be happy to show you samples of similar productions, so you know what type of look a certain budget buys.
During our discussion, we’ll ask you questions about your project. What is the purpose of the video? Who is the target audience? How do you plan to distribute the video? Am I providing all or just some of the production services?
We look forward to having the opportunity of creating a production for you!

Planning, Consultation, Writing – $75/HR
Travel @ $1 per Kilometer outside of 50km from Studio
Some of the things not included as standard services, but are available:
Hired Talent
Blank Media stock.
Rented Equipment (i.e. crane, special camera, etc…)
All rights to packaged productions belong to the client (you), with the exception of exhibition by Engaged Films for demonstration purposes only, unless otherwise agreed.

Includes camera operator and either a Canon 5DM4 as a MAIN camera or a professional Panasonic 3CCD HDV camera.  We use a combination of Canon DSLR Camera’s. Each camera has its pros and cons
$175/Hour (Minimum 2 Hour Shoot)
$600 Half Day Rate – 4 Hours
$1000 Full Day Rate – 8 Hours
Time over 8 hours is billed at $200/HR

* Complete list of gear is available upon request.
* Pricing is subject to change without notice

We use a Adobe Premier Pro Non Linear Editing Suite
$125/Hour (Minimum 1 Hour Edit)
$400 Half Day Rate – 4 Hours
$800 Full Day Rate – 8 Hours
Time over 8 hours is billed at $175/HR

* Pricing is subject to change without notice

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