Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Arlene & Christian's Wedding

This pass Sunday was our great friends Christian and Arlene's wedding over at Parrot Jungle. We had a great time photographing and filming this memorable event. Chris and Arlene looked stunning and everyone had a great time. Big thanks to Aldo for giving us a hand with shooting the wedding.


Unknown said...

you guys are awesome!!

Maid of Honor

El Ateneo said...

Thank you Mike and Claudia!! You are not only good friends but also the best photographers ever! Amazing pictures! Thanks a million - we'll name our first born after you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Claudia and Mike!!! You really captured the spirit of the celebration...and made us, the "old folks", look much younger.

Judith said...

What gorgeous pictures!!! But what else to expect with such beautiful bride and handsome groom??? I thank God that everything contributed to make this happy day a very special and unforgettable occasion.
Claudia you are a very sweet lady and an excellent photographer. Thank you for allowing me (Arlene's aunt) to take pictures side by side with you. Yours came out soooo much better than mine, of course!!!
God bless the newlywed!!!