Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pictage Partner Conference 2007

The 2007 Pictage Partner Conference was held in Los Angeles, California. Claudia and I got the opportunity to participate in workshops headed by renowed photographers such as Dane Sanders, Robert Evans, Jared Bauman, Richard Emmanuel, Carlos Baez, Corey McNabb, Mike Colon, Chris Humphreys and David Wittig to name a few.

The atmosphere was relax and friendly. Everyone at conference was engaging and geniunly caring. We felt part of the family. We also got to mingle with other talented and up and coming photographers such as Charlie Thiel, Curtis Copeland , Vanessa Stump and Tracy Bohannan

We specially enjoyed our mentoring session with our PUG leader -Carlos Baez. That was priceless! YOU RULE!! Honest and Truth !

After the conference, we hopped on a tour to see some of the sights. Check out the slideshow below.

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Anonymous said...

All right! I'm a famous up and coming photographer! The slide show was great. It looks like I missed out on all sorts of fun in L.A. We will definitely get together in Vegas! I think Kelly is coming too! Maybe we can get together before then?