Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The beginning of the Crossover

Yes it's true.... I bought our first iMac. We have been a long time PC shop and after hearing from everyone how great the Mac is I finally purchased one. It is a very clean looking piece of machine.

I was able to easily create my first video with iMovie and post it online. Import photos in iphoto, Import my music into itunes... this is icool.

Make sure to check out the 2 short movies I put together.

I was just blown away how cool and smooth every runs.


Charlie Thiel said...

All right! You finally got a good computer! I hope you're both doing really well! Miss you guys! Are you going to the Vegas PartnerCon? Talk to you soon! I hope to have some good posts for you soon on my blog.

Michael Mesa said...

We are going to the WPPI 2008 for sure. I spoke to our Pictage Rep. and he said they were just doing something small in vegas...