Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miami Next Generation Cinematography Meeting

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with some great videographers of South Florida. The purpose of this group is to gather videographers in South Florida with talent and potential at all levels of experice to unite and improve the art of event and wedding video and cinematography.

We think we need to change the way people think about wedding videos. We are competing for a small piece of the market because most brides have a misconception on how wedding videos look, it is about increasing that market share together by making ourselves a "must have" service, like photography in the wedding business by way of great videos.

By helping each other we help our craft and we all benefit as a group. Not to mention that if we need backup camera's resources, assistance recording events and weddings. Provide and receive referals of clients if you or others are already booked or just not available.

It is a good place to build relationships and discuss the latest and greatest in technology. There are an estimated 22,000 weddings in South Florida each year. Only 17% get video. Lets make that number larger.

April and Karl from Artictic Film Production - Thanks for Hosting the event
G from Free Mind Studio - Thanks for starting the group
Gus from EverClear Productions
Fernando Celis
Leo Espinosa from Dream Video Productions
Ray Roman -Surprise Guest, thanks for sharing witht the group.

Looking forward to the next meeting. Click here <=to join the group.

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